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Now you can effectively take control of your inventory with the OMNIBIT mobile app! You can monitor inventory, track changes, and eliminate inefficiencies to better control food and beverage costs. For operators on the go, Omnibit helps you gain visibility and understanding of real-time costs. Drive profitability with Omnibit!

What is OMNIBIT?

Omnibit (Omni Business Inventory Tracking) is a fully integrated solution composed of an android-based inventory application designed to empower small and medium-sized franchisers to place inventory of handled items by simply using their smart phones for an almost real-time inventory reporting & monitoring. Tracking product levels, orders and sales has never been this easy!


Easy to Use

User-friendly mobile inventory application which allows the vendors/dealers to send almost real-time reports and updates to the operators which eases the job on both ends.


The primary focus of Omnibit is to increase the productivity of the business in all strands. From the monitoring of stocks, statistics, planning the move, logistics, to manpower. Manage your inventory and do time to time stock operation without any hassle!

No Internet, No Problem

In sending data information from the vendors/dealers to the operators is not a problem if there is no internet connection. Information can be sent as long as there is a mobile signal as it is programmed to pass on data in a manner of how text messages are transmitted.


The Omnibit application has two ends. One is controlled by the operator and the second one is designed for the vendors/dealers. The operator’s Omnibit application empowers them to add, remove or edit items in their inventory which will be the basis of the content of the Omnibit application used by the vendors/dealers. This makes the work easier and keeps the inventory reports tidy.

For the Vendors/Dealers

The application allows the vendors/retailers to digitally perform their DTR without manually writing it on a logbook. They might also be able to record their sales as well as report their current stocks and inventory which will then be studied by the operators to.

For the Operator

The application is equipped with features that allows the operators to manipulate, customize, and adjust the inventory system according to their business’ needs. This also allows them to view the movement of the products as well as its market behavior.


*Omnibit is subscription based.


  • Manage and track inventory
  • Manage vendors/dealers
  • Manage expense categories
  • Manage food/product costs


  • Purchases
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Excess inventory
  • Evaluate potential for improvement


  • Increase inventory
  • Increase manpower productivity
  • Improve business performance and strengthen financials
  • Proactively reduce inventory variances and waste
  • Eliminate manual processes